Quality Statement

The nature of Makotech’s activities places particular emphasis on reliability, experience, expertise and conformance with customers specified requirements. It is company policy to provide its customers with a high quality service, aiming at a 100% on-time delivery and specification compliance, and ever improving levels of satisfaction. We are committed to provide a service which complies in all respects with agreed requirements in a consistent manner. We strive to offer a service which conforms to the recognised minimum corporate governance and client specific contractual standards, not limited to but including compliance with current Health, Safety, and Environmental requirements, and all relevant local standards and Statutory Regulations. We achieve these objectives by establishing, documenting, implementing and maintaining an effective and efficient Quality Management System to ISO 9000. Directors have the ultimate responsibility for quality in the Company and Mr Shingirai Hove has been nominated for the overall control and development of our Quality System. Directors, are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, and will provide adequate resources essential to the implementation and control of the Quality Management System. The Quality Management System has been explained to all employees and it is their responsibility to ensure that the procedures are adhered to and to report any deficiencies or possible improvements directly to Mr Shingirai Hove.

Quality Management Objectives:

  • To achieve an overall awareness of quality and to create a climate of continuous improvement of quality within Makotech.
  • To ensure that all employees are adequately equipped and well trained to perform their duties in a professional manner.
  • To remain true to our beliefs and values regarding our Customers, Employees and our Suppliers.
  • To continuously work according to internationally recognized standards, where all objectives as stated in our Quality Manual, are reviewed at least once annually.
  • To ensure that our QMS is suitable and fitting for our Company at all times.
  • All project work is thoroughly checked and reviewed in detail before documents can be issued to clients.