As Makotech we focus on key CSR areas to cover community involvement and development, human rights, the environment and consumer issues out of the core CSR subjects specified in ISO 26000.  Our aim is to generate value for our stakeholders and to meet their various needs. These stakeholders include customers, the society, shareholders and employees. Everyone employed by us at whatever level, must be seen to help the company generate value for them.

General Society & HIV/AIDS Policy: We neither want to nor are able to operate without being affected by society around us. We will listen to people and remain open to new perspectives as we are constantly learning, and developing as a company. We will engage in unambiguous and sincere dialogue to demonstrate respect for our customers and partners, as well as our willingness to collaborate. Our HIV/AIDS policy is centred on the

encouragement of a comprehensive HIV/AIDS testing and treatment program. It is our belief that any sustainable program to combat HIV/AIDS must focus first on building awareness, encouraging prevention and reducing the stigma associated with the pandemic.

Environment: We are developing an environmentally responsible culture among all our employees in the implementation of our projects. We strive to do our best to use resources efficiently and be conscious of the materials and equipment that we buy. We will recycle wherever possible and will limit the purchase of disposable items.  We will advise our partners and customers on selecting and using materials and choosing solutions that minimise negative impacts on the environment.

Vulnerable Zones: When operating in, or close to, vulnerable zones, such as nature reserves or other protected areas, we will engage in dialogue with the authorities and other groups responsible for the areas before starting work.

Local Procurement: We aim to source as much as possible from local suppliers so as to create local employment and demand. This will help combat poverty and support sustainable development.

Corruption: Corruption is a scourge that undermines democracy and stifles the growth of an efficient market economy. It affects the poorest in society most, preventing development and hindering the battle against poverty. It is at the heart of our commitment to fight corruption and to operate with high ethical principles and standards.

Employees: Makotech will focus on creating safe and valuable jobs for our employees. We have programs to take in graduate trainees and participate in student placements. Any necessary restructuring will be carried out in close cooperation with our staff members, and the needs of each individual shall be taken into consideration as a result of any changes to their working environment.

Conflict Zones: It is important that Makotech shall proactively attempt to limit the negative political and social consequences of our activities and presence in conflict zones, ensuring that we do not help to prop, fund or support illegitimate regimes.

Human Rights: We will uphold human rights and we shall follow the recommendations of the Botswana government whenever in doubt. We shall also make use of advice and information from voluntary organisations involved in human rights issues.